Daniel Matheny
Daniel Matheny

DATE OF BIRTH: November 17, 1981

WEB PAGE: Cycleogically and NashvilleCyclist.com


MARITAL STATUS: In a relationship

HEIGHT: 5"10"


  • 08 Leadville Silver Rush 50 overall winner
  • 08 State Games of the West Pro Gold Medalost
  • 3-time TN State XC Champ
  • 3-time KY XC State Champ
SPONSORS: Mafia Racing, Felt Bicycles, Pabst Blue Ribbon. GoFast, GU, Crank Brothers, Giro, Illegal Petes

FAVORITE RACE: Bald Eaglr Challenge in Grand River, KY

FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: MTB-Red Rock-Palmer connector to Section 16; Road-Colorado Springs to Decker

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: Coffee and a walk with Buck, commute to work, lots-o-recovery sustenance, work at USA Cycling, lunch ride with the boys, more work, ride home, dinner, with Heather, relax, fetch at the park with my OCD dog, Buck, Sleep!

ANY MENTORS: Chris "Big Dog" Schmidt, cycling coach when I walked onto the Lindsey Wilson College varsity cycling program. A true leader, role-model, motivator, and a solid rock to have at your base.!

FAVORITE RACE FOOD: banana, pb. honey sandwhiches smashed into wraps of foil. The more mushed the better!

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: Tripple flatting and slicing a sidewall at the '07 Pro XC Nationals in Snowmass,. I hate getting DNF next to my name.

WHAT'S ON YOUR KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: Empty coffee mug, flowers that I got my girlfriend, Buck's leash, and hopefully not any crumbs from the blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ATHLETE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE: Scary...never thought of that! It's engrained in my DNA!