Lindsey Bishop
DATE OF BIRTH: February 24th, 1984


I've been American for two generations with English, French Canadian and Swiss roots



HEIGHT: 5'10''

WEIGHT: 140lbs

  • 20071st National XC MTB Champion! Expert Women 19-24
  • 3rd Colorado State CX Championships Open Elite
  • 21st National CX Championships Open Elite 2008
  • 7th Mountain States Cup #1, Time Trial - Pro
  • 8th Mountain States Cup #1, XC - Pro
  • 2nd Super D, NMBS Windham Mountain - Pro
  • 20th National MTB Championships Short Track - Pro
  • 6th National MTB Championships Super D - Pro

    SPONSORS: Felt, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mafia Racing, GoFast energy drink, Crank Brothers, GU, NUUN, Mix1, JETT MTB, Silverback Music, Squirt lube, Illegal Petes,, Northwave

    FAVORITE RACE: The Frutia Mountain States Cup was my favorite mountain bike race of last year. It was a windy and twisty power course with some fun technical-ish sections and incredible views.

    FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: Hitting all of the nearby mountain trails just above Colorado Springs - (Stratton Meadows to Columbine to Buckhorn & Captain Jacks to Palmer Trail and Section 16 :).

    AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: Waking up a precious 6 year old boy to get him ready for school, walking him and the family dog to school, having
    5 hours to run errands and get my training in, picking up the boy from school and playing with him and/or tutoring middle school science, math and writing.

    ANY MENTORS: Kristen Dieffenbach, Marilyn Trout, Alison Dunlap and Greg Frozley

    FAVORITE RACE FOOD: My mom's amAzing rice crispie treats

    WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: In 2005, I felt terrible in a local NJ MTB race and dropped out halfway through. Looking back, I know I cracked myself going out too hard, but it became the first and last time I'll ever drop out of a race. I felt like a quitter. Unless there is something seriously wrong with your health or bike, it is always better to tough it out and get a poor result over dropping out!

    WHAT'S ON YOUR KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: My breakfast that is waiting patiently for me: a bowl a Steel Cut Oats that's cooling off and a glass of OJ.

    I'd be an Inclusive teacher for a grade level between Kindergarten and 12th grade. That means I'd be a classroom teacher who also advocates for including and supporting students who have special needs in "regular" classrooms.
    There are many misconceptions and misrepresentations of what inclusion looks like so I'd be one of the many educators currently trying to sort those issues out. Implementing inclusion appropriately in our nation's schools would make our education system more financially stable and more pedagogically effective across the board, so I think it is incredibly important. Also, I might eventually apply for a doctoral program in one of the niches under the Cultural Foundations of Education umbrella... with hopes of getting funded at Stanford's program. AND/OR I'd try to find a way to become a professional cruiser bike rider...maybe I could test ride them?? (seriously).