Jake Wells
DATE OF BIRTH: 6-28-78

NATIONALITY: United States of America


MARITAL STATUS: I am Married to Linda Wells and we have a lovely Daughter, Tatum.



CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 1st 24 Hrs of Moab Duo/Pro 2006, 2nd 18hrs of Fruita Solo 2007, 2nd Colorado State Cyclocross Championships Mens elite 2008, 4th Whiskey 50 OffRoad 2008, 18th Cross National Championships 2007, 20th Cross National Championship 2008
Sponsors: Felt, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mafia Racing, GoFast energy drink, Crank Brothers, GU, NUUN, Mix1, JETT MTB, Silverback Music, Squirt lube, Illegal Petes, AKA3D.net, Northwave

Whiskey 50 OffRoad, Prescott, AZ (mtn bike), CrossVegas (cross)

FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: One of my favorite spring training rides is the WhiteRim in Moab, UT. In late Febuary I find myself daydreaming about the consistent day in the saddle with my bros, and the amazing scenery. From the front porch however, the “Burns loop” is a staple 80 mile road ride with the middle 25 miles on dirt, along the Colorado River.

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: In the summer my average day varies weekly but minus a few details…6:00 am Waking up with Linda, and, Tatum. 7:30 am Out the door to meet the fellas and carpool to the job site. 8:00 am Begin work as interior trim carpenter, 12:30 pm Break for lunch. 4:30 pm Off work and getting ready for a ride. 7:30 pm Eating dinner with Linda and T and ready for bed. 8:30 pm Doing any needed bike maintenance and catching up on emails. 10:30 pm Getting ready for bed.

ANY MENTORS: Two mentors that come to mind are Mike Janelle and my Father David, who have both made profound impacts on my life. I think more importantly, if I surround myself with people who I respect and who challenge me, I can be learning in every facet of my life, everyday.

FAVORITE RACE FOOD: Depending on the distance of the race my race day menu changes a little, Pre race food favorite would have to be French toast or a nice big bowl of steel cut oats with yogurt and fruit. I really like the EFS bars from first endurance, but a little difficult to eat unless it is a longer race or a little less intense. The Roctane energy gel from GU Energy is great for pre-race and during. For post race I prefer Orange Creamcicle Ultragen from first endurance.

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: My worst race experience actually came at a local Wednesday night race while I was racing the sport class. We were doing multiple laps on Vail Mtn. when an Expert racer who was trying to get around myself and a female racer became impatient and let loose with a barrage of profanity. It was at that moment I made it a point to never take racing a bike too seriously. No matter how competitive you become it is still riding a bike.

WHAT'S ON YOUR KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: Right now on my kitchen table is a couple stacks of mail, a light up keychain, and a Christmas Cactus that is yet to bloom, at least in the five years we have had it.

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ATHLETE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? There are all levels of athleticism. So, if I wasn’t racing bikes at a competitive level, I would be “athletic” in my daily life because, to me, that’s what “living” is. By setting goals and working toward them you are being athletic. Challenging your self mentally and physically, getting stronger from your experiences is being athletic.