Travis Smith (CAN)
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb, 11 1980



CURRENT RESIDENCE: Long Beach, California



WEIGHT: 190lbs


  • 2006 Commonwealth games Silver medal Keirin
  • 2006 Commonweath games Bronze medal Match Sprints
  • 11 time Canadian national champion
  • Multiple track records set around North America
SPONSORS: Hawk Relay Cycling- Felt Bicycles, Zoot clothing, Giro helmets P3 fitness, Coast therapy Howard Marens.

FAVORITE RACE: I would have to say I really like the Canadian nationals.. I very rarely get to go home. And it’s always nice to see the new talent coming up in Canada.

FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: I don’t really have a favorite training ride! I do however have a favorite road block training area! My favorite city is Boulder, Colorado. What beautiful riding. If I wanted to I could go for hours and hours and hardly see a car.

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: Waking up at 7:30 eating breakfast and heading to the velodrome for a 3h workout. Come home eat lunch and then probably fall asleep on the couch for 15-20min! make a small snack and head on over to the gym for another 2h. Come home eat dinner hang with the wife and chill out for the rest of the night. This is the time where I deal with the small things that can make a big difference. Aches and pains! Being an athlete is really a 24h a day job.

ANY MENTORS: I look up to lots of people for different reasons.. I don’t have just one mentor! If you work hard I respect that.

FAVORITE RACE FOOD: Mcdonalds! Just kidding. I would love to have a nice filet and lobster and I think that would help me race my best!

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: Well I would have to say it would be the 2007 world championships Omnium points race! HOLLY MOLLY that is the most painful race ever… I was hurting before they rang the bell for the first! Then I was getting dropped during the sprint lap. And after I chased for 10 laps until the next sprint where I got dropped even more! As I recall that’s how the race played out until I was lapped and the race was over.

KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: Fruit.. Apples, Bananas and oranges.

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ATHLETE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE: I think I would be still in CANADA probably working as a paramedic. From 1999-2001 I worked as a medic in Lloydminster Alberta. I really enjoyed the adrenaline rush from that job and think if I was not riding again I would probably be doing that still.