Jan Frodeno (GER)
Jan takes gold on his F1 in the 2008 Olympics


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My sporting career began as a swimmer back in South Africa. At 15, I was a late starter in the sport and at the same time discovered surfing as my great passion (it still is…). In 1999, 3 years later, I got into surf-lifesaving, as a way of combining the two, but also because I enjoyed the many possibilities.

My love for triathlon began in November 2000. Shortly after I went to Germany to race in the Bundesliga, a great school for a youngster. In the same year, 2002, I managed to qualify for the national team, where I met Ralf Ebli, my good friend and mentor. He and I worked together until the end of 2006. I spent two years with German National Coach Wolfgang Thiel then changed to my current coach and friend Roland Knolll.

My aim is to establish myself amongst the best in the sport. For this I train 2-4 times a day and between 25 and 45 hours a week.

2008 was the year of success, several second spots in international races and finally Gold Medal in Beijing in August! A dream came true....