Cameron Zink (USA)

He’s been racing for more than half his life and dominating for most of it. In his first ever Semi-pro National race he placed second, and hasn’t looked back. His career highlights include winning Best Trick at the Adidas Slopestyle, a win and third at Crankworx, a win the TEVA Games Speed Trial, third overall at the Adidas Slopestyle, third at the Sea Otter Dirt Jump Competition, fourth at the Red Bull Bike Battle, fifth at Monster Park, seventh at the Red Bull Rampage and is a member of the US National Team.

He says his friends and family are the most important people in his life and has no plans to marry any time soon. Known by his nicknames Cam-steez and Camshaft, he says winning is both the best part and the hardest part of racing. His favorite places to ride are Whistler, Hidden Valley and Northstar, though his home is in Southern California.

His favorite riders include Kirt Vories, Shaun Palmer, Kyle Strait, Nico V, Cam McCaul, Brian Lopes, Cory Bohan and Aaron Chase. When not on his bike he enjoys motocross, snowboarding, swimming, surfing, cliff diving, driving and XBOX, but he also spends time in the gym to work on his strength. In a parallel universe he’d be a pro snowboarder or a freestyle moto rider.

He’s ready with advice for young riders and encourages them to focus on fundamentals. “Be aggressive yet patient. Confident, but not too confident.”

Cam rides the Virtue, the Compulsion and the Redemption.