Tim DeBoom (USA)
Tim Deboom
DATE OF BIRTH: 11-04-1970

WEB PAGE: timdeboom.com



MARITAL STATUS: Married to Nicole for 12 years

HEIGHT: 5'11'

WEIGHT: 155lbs


2 time Ironman World Champion

Felt, PowerBar, Oakley, Nuun, Zipp, SRAM, Pear Izumi.


FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: Did the best ride of my life on the mountain bike in Park City, UT

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: In seasion is pretty regular swim, bike, run, eat, sleep. Off season is always active, but can include hiking, skiing, pretty much anything active. I love the outdoors and take full advantage of any daylight.

I leanrned the most from my days training with Pete Reid. Growing up, my family and swim coaches were all big influences on who I've become.

FAVORITE RACE FOOD: Besides the requisite PowerBar, I love Snickers and coke when things get rough.

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: Passing a kidney stone in Hawaii was pretty tough, but just not finishing in 05 was much worse. That will never happen again.

WHAT'S ON YOUR KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: It's a disaster that could never accommodate a meal right now. I have a couple notebooks with info in them. Several of my 09 contracts, a few pair of Oakleys, my Suunto heart monitor, the pads for my Felt Devox bars, a massage ball, and tons of 08 receipts to be filed. That does not include Nicole's side of the table either.

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ATHLETE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE: Hard to say at this point. I always thought I'd be in the medical field, but I think being an athlete is part of me and I would have ended up here somehow.