Sarah Hammer (USA)

DATE OF BIRTH: August 18, 1983



Temecula, Ca

Engaged with wedding plans on June 19, 2009!

5ft 8 in.

135 lbs


  • Two World Championships wins
  • Seven World Cup Gold medals
  • 2008 Olympian (5th) and US National Record Holder
  • I’m also quite proud of the silver medal I won at Worlds this year because I trained exclusively on an indoor trainer for 12 months due to my back injury.

SPONSORS: Felt Bicycles, Mavic, Empower Coaching Systems, Oakley, Vittoria , Quarq power meters, Shimano, Cody Designs, UVEX and Cal-Pacific Exports.

FAVORITE RACE: Well, it used to be the L.A. World Cup because nothing beats racing in your own backyard. But now that it got the AX, I’m going to have to say US Nationals, which is still in L.A., or maybe I’ll go out on a limb and say the Beijing or Melbourne World Cups (even though I’ve never been to Melbourne, it sounds really cool).

FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: We have lots of great riding here in Temecula. One of my favorites, though, is a 3 hour loop that goes up a 20 minute climb called Couser Canyon . An epic ride that makes you feel great, when it’s over!

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: Wow, that will vary. I will have to give the warning that most athletes’ lives, except for one Mr. Armstrong, are not all that exciting outside of competition. We eat, we train, we eat, maybe nap, we train and we sleep. This is pretty much the schedule of any top in-season professional. Pretty exciting, eh? Most of us have a solid partner in place that understands this schedule and most of us have partners who even assist with the schedule. In the off-season, however, we can have as much fun as we want. Week trips up to Colorado, off for a cruise to Mexico or over to Vegas. These trips are what get me through the long season of racing and traveling.

ANY MENTORS: Both my parents, Cliff and Randi, are of course at the top of the list. They have made me the person I am. Andy Sparks (my fiancé) also deserves some credit as he has taken me from good to great in many aspects of my life. He knows how good I can be and his secret is getting me to believe that too. He has taught me that I can truly achieve anything.

FAVORITE RACE FOOD: MMM… Steel Cut oats with a hint of brown sugar and a few dried cranberries. Serve this up with a black tea latte and the other girls should save their money and not even register.

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: This is an easy one now. Stepping off an airplane with a USOC issued high-filtration mask, causing an international incident days before my competition, having little to no support and getting threatened to get kicked out of the Games. And by the way, good luck in your race! Ya, I think it is safe to say that is my worst race experience. My broken collarbone was the exclamation point on an Olympic experience that should have a book written on it.

WHAT'S ON YOUR KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW: A huge pile of books! I’m finishing up my degree for education. I want to start teaching 3rd grade after the 2012 Olympic Games. My Mom’s a teacher and I really enjoy going to her classes and helping out. Kids are crazy! That will be chapter 2 for Sarah Hammer.

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ATHLETE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE: I think a teacher, maybe a dog trainer or puppy raiser. I think I would definitely be doing something outside though. I’m going to be doing some coaching at Andy’s new business, Empower Coaching Systems, so maybe that will be a new frontier as well. Andy says I will give every athlete Chronic Fatigue from training them too hard though! So my duties may be limited until I can falsify that theory.