Individual Pro Athletes
Michael Blatchford, Jan Frodeno, Tim DeBoom, Joscha Forstreuter, Sarah Hammer, Michellie Jones (shown), Becky Lavelle, Taylor Phinney, Andy Potts, Darren Pokoj, Jordan Rapp, Emma Snowsill, Craig Walton and Cam Zink.

Names that are synonymous with world-class cycling and multi-sport performance, and athletes that Felt is proud to support and be associated with.

South African Athletes include Kent Horner, Mari Rabie, Kate Roberts, Claire Kinsley, Carl Storm, Jason Spong, Carla Germishuys, Lisa Baumann

Michael Blatchford (USA) Fraser Cartmell (GBR) Tim DeBoom (USA) Adam Duvendeck (USA) Jan Frodeno (GER) Joscha Forstreuter (GER) Sarah Hammer (USA) Michellie Jones (AUS) Becky Gibbs Lavelle (USA) Darren Pokoj (AUS) Daniela Ryf (SUI) Travis Smith (CAN) Emma Snowsill (AUS) David Thompson (USA) Jimmy Watkins (USA) Cameron Zink (USA)