Felt Today
Building something worthwhile is our continued mission

The 2009 model year will be yet another landmark in our company’s history.  It begins with what drives us.  At Felt, there are four key challenges we impose on ourselves every day as we design and develop our bicycles:


First:  To never be satisfied. We are driven to constantly push every model and every design. This can translate to reduced weight, higher performance, additional features, enhanced comfort, better looks, greater dollar value, or most likely, a combination of all these attributes.

Second:  To see beyond the limits of technology. We are constantly looking forward, getting a sense of what is beyond the current known technological limitations. Whether it’s new materials, new tube forming processes or revolutionary design concepts, Felt is always looking beyond the scope of our imagination.


Third:  To maximize performance, ride quality, aesthetics, and attention to detail. At Felt, we emphasize ride quality as much as we do efficiency, and that is why our engineers scrutinize the smallest of details. Every tube, wall-thickness, butting placement, taper and flare was specifically designed to give a lively, reactive, comfortable, all-day-long ride without sacrificing any measure of efficiency.


Fourth:  To exceed rider’s expectations, by providing a sense of individuality, inspiration and pride in ownership. At Felt, we recognize that if you try to be all things to everyone, you usually end up being nothing to no one. We know there are riders who are searching for that one bicycle that reflects their individual personality, their style and their personal standards for quality and excellence. And more importantly, a bike that inspires them to get out and ride. Every decision we make goes toward producing a bicycle that delivers pride in ownership.


These four key goals help us to achieve our mission:


“To design, develop, and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.”


In the spirit of our mission, we have not only focused intensely on refining existing products within our established categories, but we have also expanded our lineup, offering new models to reflect the specific demands of developing product segments. 2009 brings with it not only unprecedented excellence, but delivers it on multiple fronts.
For 2009 we refined and improved many of our most familiar products. The Equilink
-equipped Virtue and Compulsion each received major overhauls. From new, slacker geometry to shorter, stiffer and lighter linkages to new stiffer and lighter tubing in the main triangles, these excellent bikes have improved our already legendary active suspension design. We sculpted and refined the Bayonet fork on the DA and B2 to reduce weight, improve aerodynamics and increase strength. In short, the world’s fastest fork is now significantly faster. The RXC series has been given a major infusion of technology and expertise; the new SIX series boasts full carbon fiber frames for low weight, incredible agility and when-you-need-it most stiffness. Our Nine series has also been given the same carbon fiber treatment. These lightweight beauties offer the incredible stiffness of carbon fiber while sucking energy-robbing vibration to take full advantage of a 29-inch wheel’s incredible momentum.
At Felt, we have always been committed to superior aerodynamics for those events against the clock. In 2009 we are very pleased to introduce two of the most dramatic steps forward in aerodynamic design: The TK1 and the AR. The TK1 has been proven to be the world’s most aerodynamic bicycle in the wind tunnel, a fact that was driven home just months later when Taylor Phinney set a World Record for the 3k Pursuit (junior distance) as well as winning the World Championship. In its first appearance at the Track National Championships the TK1 scored a sweep, taking gold in nine events it entered. Those wins included the Team Pursuit, Individual Pursuit, Kilo, Points Race, U23 Points Race, Scratch Race, 250-meter sprint and U23 250-meter sprint, and Madison, plus bronze in the Points Race.
The AR made its debut with Team Garmin/Chipotle-H3O at the 2008 Tour de France where it was ridden in two day-long breakaways and Will Frischkorn finished second on Stage 3. No other mass-start-legal road bike can make the claim that it will save you 1 minute per hour over a conventional road bike.
Everyone is looking for that elusive formula for success. In 2008 Felt-sponsored athletes won two Olympic Gold Medals in triathlon, two ITU World Cup triathlons, the 70.3 National Championship, a U23 World Championship in triathlon, the week-long Tour of Missouri and Route du Sud stage races, a stage of the Giro d’Italia, the Giro’s coveted Pink Jersey, a junior World Record and a Junior World Championship on the track, nine National Championships on the track, three professional National Championships and two U23 National Championships (road race and TT) as well as too many one-day regional events to name. Felt gives its athletes a competitive edge.


Whether it’s Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Track, Commuter, Lifestyle, or MTB, in 2008 Felt delivers the most technologically advanced bicycles in history.