PARTS - Felt Devox Components
The all-new Felt Devox TT/Tri bar - the world's fastest

Components worthy of the best bicycles in the world. Period.

Despite producing high-quality parts and accessories for years, we recognized an opportunity to bring our first-class engineering to top quality road and mountain parts. Each of these parts was designed by the same team of engineers responsible for our signature designs, from the DA to the Equilink™ suspension, which have been winning races and setting records year in and year out.

From carbon fiber handlebars, forks and seatposts to saddles and even tires, the Felt Devox designation is reserved for the best of the best. Armed with a no-limits approach to engineering and materials, our team re-imagined them with the best technology out there.

Advanced materials are the name of the game with Felt Devox. Not only do we use the best available, but we also match the material to the specific requirement or the component. We use the best quality carbon fiber for our handlebars, saddles and forks. Lightweight road stems use 7000-series aluminum with titanium hardware. Ready-for-battle off-road stems use hardened cr-mo bolts for the ultimate in strength.

When we decided to offer an aero bar for time trialists and triathletes we decided to make the best bar out there. That meant it needed high strength, low weight, adjustability and aerodynamics. Our carbon fiber base bar and extensions use monocoque construction (the same technology that allows us to produce an unbelievably light 185-gram road handlebar) and wind tunnel-proven aerodynamics. Simply put, there’s not a faster bar out there.

Our engineering expertise, material selection and testing allow us to create parts that help you ride farther, faster and with greater control. What it adds up to is a more enjoyable riding experience every time you roll out.

Add Felt Devox. Add the best.