LIFESTYLE - Cafe Series
Because all bike riding is not competitive

If you have been to a bike shop recently, you have probably noticed that bicycles have been divided into a multitude of specific categories. There are all sorts of bikes on the showroom floor; so where does one start? Hybrid bikes Fitness bikes, City Bikes, Comfort bikes, Commuter bikes, Flatfoot type bikes. If you have ever asked yourself “When did shopping for a bicycle become so darn complicated?” then the Café series was designed with you in mind.

The fact is, there are plenty of folks out there who are just looking for one good bike that fits their busy lifestyle. You have a wide array of interests in life, so you need a bike that adapts to them. You might look at bikes as a tool towards health and fitness. After all, anytime is the right time to exercise. You might look at a bike as simply a means to get around. There are always plenty of places to go and people to see. You may even think about leaving the car at home on a workday. And by the time the weekend comes, you’re always up for a bit of fresh air, sunshine, and just plain fun. Whatever the situation, the Café meets the demands of your unique lifestyle.

When we set out to develop the Café series, we did a considerable amount of market research. We started with the consumer focus groups and gave that input to our engineering group with the clear goal of satisfying two priorities… comfort and handling.

First and foremost, we focused on the body position of the rider. We knew our Café customers would not want to be compromised in an aggressive, stretched-out, competitive position. At the other extreme, we recognized that today’s flat-foot-type comfort bikes were lacking in terms of climbing, acceleration and maneuverability. Since Café bikes were created for riders with broad styles and intended uses, we spent considerable time working to achieve the ideal balanced seated position. Comfortable yet sporty, relaxed yet retaining superb handling, Café bicycles possess as much ability as the riders they are seeking.

Once we arrived at the ideal body position, we turned our focus to the rider’s contact areas:
• Premium saddles featuring gel-infused, double-density foam
• Custom handlebar shape with mild sweep is easy on the wrists
• Super-soft double-density Kraton rubber handlebar grips help minimize road vibration
• Aluminum pedals with rubber inserts enhance traction and reduce vibration

Reduced weight automatically translates to increased efficiency. By using aluminum material wherever possible, the Café models are significantly lighter than most so-called comfort bikes currently on the market.

You will find lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum employed on: Frames & forks, Handlebars, Stems & seatposts, Crank & pedals, Wheelsets (rotating mass is most important). Durable, smooth and efficient Shimano Drivetrains are equipped on all models. Twist-type shifters are easy, intuitive, and always let you know what gear you are in.

Finally, we wanted to make sure the bikes were outfitted to the gills. All Café bikes feature: Puncture-resistant tires, Aluminum kickstand, Lightweight aluminum cup holder, Safety bell. The Café Deluxe models take it a step further with these extras: Ultra-light aluminum rear carrier, Removable clip-on saddle bag, Lightweight fenders to ward off road debris.

While Café bikes are decidedly classic in appearance, we still made sure to utilize all of today’s technical advancements, lightest materials, premium components and modern amenities. Whether it’s taking you through your neighborhood, to the coffee shop, to a new level of fitness, or just taking you away from it all, the Café was designed to do so while giving you the ride of your life.