LIFESTYLE - Speed Series
All the spunk of a great road bike in an upright comfortable position

We introduced our SpeedBike™ line as a way to merge the best in road bike performance with comfortable upright positioning. Now you can have the light weight, exhilarating feeling of riding a performance-oriented road bike in a position and posture that suits you. Whether you want to get fit, are looking for a reliable commuter or simply want a sporty around-town bike, the SpeedBike™ is just the ticket.

The start point for the SpeedBikes™ is our proprietary F-Lite 7000-series aluminum tubing. We use it to build a frame that can stand up to the rigors of hard commuting, long-distance touring and energetic riding. Our design team took great care to create a frame that would put riders in a comfortable and more upright position, while still offering the crisp handling of a road bike. Some models even include a carbon fiber fork and seatpost for added vibration damping to lessen fatigue and improve handling.

While the road tires and snappy feel of the SpeedBikes™ reflect traditional road performance, we make sure comfort is a top priority. The SpeedBike™ saddle uses a dual-density foam base to offer great support while maintaining a cushy feel. We include a wide, flat bar mounted on an adjustable stem to give riders ideal positioning. Stopping the bike are a pair of linear-pull brakes for maximum control and the drivetrain uses wide-range gearing to make going uphill as easy as it is going down.

With the SpeedBike™ you get exceptional comfort combined with the handling and enjoyment of a high performance rig in a package that feels perfect for you.