LIFESTYLE - Urban Series
The perfect metro machines

Sometimes style is as important as function. Your bike is a personal statement, an expression of how you enjoy the sport. Our urban bikes blend simple design, reliable function and, of course, great looks for riders who want bikes as stylish as they are.

No ride should ever seem mundane. Any time you throw your leg over the saddle, it’s a chance to have a good time. Whether you are heading off for a ride with your friends, commuting to work or just zipping down to the corner store for an errand, our urban bikes are designed for action.

The Curbside, Dispatch and X:City all begin with custom-butted and shaped Superlite aluminum tubing. We CNC-machine the headtube and BB to relieve weight and help tune the ride. The result is a lightweight, responsive frame that can stand up to the rigors of daily use.

The only way to meet the demands of the city is with a bike built around simplicity. We used simple, minimalist drivetrains with most either opting for single speed (running fixie is an option) or a planetary internal hub. Of course, there is a derailleur model if you’d like one. And, while we haven’t come up with a miracle cure for flat tires, you can rest assured your bike will be as reliable as the sunrise.