MTB - Six Series
Felt's classic 26" hardtail line got even better in '09

Cross country for a new era.

The demands for a race-quality 26” wheel mountain bike are almost too numerous to build into a single bike, but we did it. To get the job done, our Six-series must be strong enough to be raced in punishing circumstances, light enough to allow a climber to ascend at race-winning pace and performance-oriented enough to track flawlessly through everything from rock gardens to loose sand. In short, our Six series bikes aren’t allowed to have a weakness.

To achieve our exemplary blend of efficiency, ride quality and durability, we begin with our new for ’09 carbon platform. We can now offer one of the lightest carbon fiber frames on the market. Combined with our unbeatable ride quality and category-best strength, the Six has the efficiency of a race-worthy hardtail with the unmistakable feel of a Felt.

All carbon fiber frames feature an integrated chainguard as well as our new Dingle Guard, a Kevlar-reinforced rock guard for the downtube to protect it from inevitable stone strikes. Our 26” carbon frames are built around race-oriented geometry. Rider’s wanting the most aggressive handling can run an 80mm fork, while those looking for a plusher, more trail-oriented ride can run 100mm of travel without compromise.

Like our carbon fiber Nine, the Six uses a one-piece integrated carbon fiber seatstay/dropout/chainstay section that increases strength and stiffness while decreasing weight. Carbon fiber’s ability to form any shape means we can build in excellent tire clearance without sacrificing chainring clearance. The Six offers the best combination of drivetrain efficiency and tire clearance of any mountain bike we have ever built.

The Six Team and Six Elite are race-ready bikes out of the box. Our product managers have chosen parts with one eye on lightweight World Cup race performance, while keeping the other on every day durability. The Six series will redefine what you can achieve on a XC Race mountain bike.