MTB - Nine Series
29" wheels ride like none other - just like Felt's

Big wheels, big speed.

Riders who have tried our 29’er mountain bike tell us it’s the greatest hardtail they have ever ridden. For 2009 we decided to make our best even better by adding carbon fiber.

When we set out to offer our Nine series, our design criteria was strict. It had to combine the low rolling resistance of 29” wheels’ shallow approach angle, the higher gyroscopic effect of the larger wheel and yet still handle as much like a 26” wheel mountain bike as possible. We tweaked the head angle, front center distance and sourced forks that allowed us to build bikes with the same trail as our Six series. We also built our frames to the same bottom bracket height as our Sixes—lower than most of our competition—to keep the bike responsive, give it a low center of gravity and make you feel more in tune with the bike.

However, the Nine series’ larger wheel poses some formidable challenges to our design engineers. Chainstays frequently run long to accommodate the tire and front derailleur. Thanks to our curved seat tube, and forged chainstay yoke on the aluminum frames we were able to keep the chainstays short without interfering with the front derailleur. Doing this helps keep rider weight properly distributed. Better front-to-rear weight distribution improves the bike’s ability to climb out-of-the-saddle. The combination of these handling features means the Nine feels like a traditional mountain bike, only faster.

Once we knew we had a bike that would inspire confidence with its tried and true handling, we set out improve it. For 2009 we have introduced the Nine in carbon fiber. Our carbon fiber design increases tire clearance while improving ride quality and drivetrain efficiency and torsional rigidity. Naturally, making the frame from carbon fiber means that it will be lighter and will offer a more comfortable ride as a result of carbon fiber’s ability to damp vibration.

The Nine is an endurance racer’s dream. With its light weight and ability to practically float over rocks the Nine combines smooth riding with incredible responsiveness. Those 29” wheels make race efforts seem more sustainable. Endurance racers and riders looking for epic adventures need look no further for their ultimate ride.