MTB - Compulsion Series
The new Compulsion features 150mm (6") of fully active travel

All-mountain never pedaled so well.

The Compulsion was designed to be a true all-rounder, whether racing at Downieville, or taking on a big mountain marathon march, this is the bike for the job. With Equilink™ suspension system and 6” (150mm) of active travel, the Compulsion is the epitome of all-mountain performance. No longer is the climb the debt you pay for the sweet decent.

For ‘09 we took a great bike and made it even better. First, we increased the Compulsion’s travel to 6” (150mm) of travel, giving the bike even greater capability.

Next, the ’09 Compulsion – with new hydroformed tubes - is now lighter, stronger and stiffer. We reduced the weight of every model by nearly 2 pounds. We increased the bike’s stiffness and strength by utilizing all-new forgings, links and hardware. We also incorporated new wider mount which insures the bike track more positively over any terrain. Cartridge bearings keep suspension travel smooth and play-free. We have changed the pivot axles to a new custom thru-shaft for improved durability and strength.

The Compulsion remains as capable climbing as it is agile on the drop. How did we do this? Easy. Felt’s patented Equilink™ suspension system completely equalizes all negative influences from pedaling and braking. This means we don’t have to use a “clever” shock with lots of platform or compression damping to imitate true efficiency. Thanks to Equilink™, the Compulsion offers such efficient pedaling you’ll think you were on a 3" travel bike. That is, until you turn back down the hill and the bike absorbs that first big hit. And that’s the Compulsion’s secret: the pedaling efficiency of a really efficient trail bike, combined with nearly 6" of travel.

We think you can have it all.