TECH - Equilink Overview
The Equilink is the heart of Felt's patented suspension design

At Felt we have a fundamental belief that performance should not be limited to the road. When designing any of our mountain bike models, the riders experience on the trail is priority #1. Whether you are purchasing one of our sophisticated Equilink™ suspension models or an affordable Q model, we design all of our bikes to perform. Period.

We accomplish this by starting with the frame and fork. All Felt frames are designed around handling to allow you to make the most of the any terrain on any ride. We use geometry that will inspire confidence on fast technical descents while allowing you to carve singletrack with cat-like agility.

Built with the same cutting edge materials we use in our road bikes, we have selected every frame material for its particular blend of strength, stiffness, weight and value. For frames where low weight is critical, our flagship Six and Nine models use our premium UHM carbon fiber and Q-series frames feature purposefully manipulated and formed premium grade aluminum.

For riders who demand the ultimate in full-suspension, we have our patented and award-winning Equilink™ series of bikes. Depending on your riding style, you can select a bike with 5” (130mm) or 6” (150mm) of plush active travel.
The Equilink™ is engineered to be the most efficient full-suspension design on the planet. This is thanks to the revolutionary Equilink™. The Equilink™ does exactly what its name implies—it effectively equalizes negative suspension forces, and eliminates drivetrain-induced bob and braking feedback. It provides exactly what a rider needs from a suspension bike - the ability to ride further, ride smoother and ride in total control.

In order to optimize the performance of the suspension in our Equilink™ models, we work with Fox to reduce the level of Pro-Pedal™ and allow the suspension to move freely, providing a plush yet efficient ride. With the Equilink™ taking care of unwanted influence on the suspension, the shock is now allowed to with less resistance, and conform to the terrain.

Many of our bikes achieve outstanding performance thanks to design features unique to the series. We add specially forged yokes to increase stiffness and tire clearance in our aluminum Nine series. Carbon fiber frames come equipped with special chain watchers and down tube guards to protect the frame from strikes and scratches, increasing its overall durability. Our linkages all use sealed bearings with stainless steel hardware to maximize durability and performance.

Reliable, performance-driven, lightweight and agile. Pick from any of our mountain bikes, head out to the trails, and experience your greatest ride ever.