ROAD - ZW Series
The ZW line is specifically designed for a woman's anatomy

Because your needs are different.

When Felt decided to offer a line of women’s bikes, we did so for a simple reason: bike fit and needs of women are different. Now, on the heels of our extremely successful debut of the Fit Woman™ line in ’07-08, we are pleased to offer this newly expanded category of bikes designed exclusively for women—the ZW line.

Our goal in creating the ZW was to be able to help athletes of the highest caliber reach their full potential. Felt triathlete and 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist Emma Snowsill embodies what you can attain when presented with the right bike. In winning the ITU World Championship three times, Snowsill has put the ZW through its paces. No matter what the course dishes out, she has a bike optimized for her fit, stiff enough for any effort, light enough to give her a competitive edge and designed with vertical compliance appropriate to her size.

The ZW frame takes our popular Z-series as its starting point. Thanks to a longer front center and seatstays the ZW enjoys the same assured handling of the Z, the increased choice of bar position for more position control, the sloping top tube for superior standover clearance and improved vertical compliance thanks to a more exposed 27.2mm seatpost.

Design criteria in place, we then reverse-engineered the geometry by zeroing in on the desired fit. Because a woman’s body has distinctly different proportions than a man’s, we knew simply making a smaller frame wouldn’t cut it. Our engineers studied how your body differs from men’s to create four ideal sizes. We tapped into the company’s sisterhood for all their input. We spoke in depth with our pro women athletes. The result has been nothing short of a complete success.

The ZW bikes are built using the same materials found in our Z-series bikes. The top-of-the-line ZW model uses our unparalleled Ultra-Hybrid Carbon with Nano Tech (UHC Nano) specifically optimized for your needs. The entire ZW line uses smaller diameter tubes and thinner tube walls, as well as shorter tube intersections.
Beyond the frame, other ZW woman-specific parts and components include: slightly shorter cranks and carefully selected compact gearing; shorter stems and a narrower, shallower handlebar; brake levers with adjustable reach for smaller hands; a comfortable women-specific seat, and more.

So what’s it all mean for you? It means finally, there is a bike you can call yours. One you will be comfortable on, one you will be invigorated by and one you will thoroughly enjoy.