ROAD - F Series
The F comes with a World Championship pedigree in First.

First through the corner, first to the top of the climb, first to the bottom and, of course, first to the finish. Our F-series bikes were designed with a single purpose in mind: To give you the ultimate weapon against the competition.

Our classic horizontal top tube road bike, the F-series are our crispest handling bikes, perfect for the rider who needs to pedal through corners, slip through tiny gaps in the group and stand up to sprint for the win. With its short head tube, sharp trail and tight wheelbase riders can achieve an aggressive position for pack riding.

The F is one of the primary bikes of choice for the Garmin/Slipstream's squad; a little more than half of their roster has selected this bike for the rigors of their pro schedule. It has delivered team members to stage wins at the Tour of Georgia and the New Zealand National Championship Road Race among others.

One of the hallmarks of our all our bikes, F-series included, is consistent handling and stiffness. No matter whether you are riding the F1 or the F95, the biggest frame or the smallest, we keep the handling consistent from size to size and dial the stiffness so that every rider enjoys the same responsiveness in the saddle and out of it. You can have the same experience as the Garmin/Slipstream pros, no matter how deep or shallow your pocketbook.

Each F-series bike is equipped with a component package designed to deliver you to your best race performance possible. In race conditions, a bike must respond to instantaneous demands consistently and reliably. Our product development team has scoured the inventories of our suppliers in their quest to design the perfect bike. They selected each component to give the best possible combination of performance and value. After all, the only surprise at the end of the day should be the looks on the faces of the racers finishing behind you.