ROAD - AR Series
The AR offers increased aero advantages over conventional road bikes

A true revolution in road bike design.

At the speeds racers travel aerodynamic efficiency can make the difference between taking the win and a pack finish. Thanks to our experience with solo-effort technology, specifically the world’s fasted UCI legal TT and track bike—DA and the TK1—we knew it was possible to make a road bike even faster. The AR was conceived, designed and built on the premise that road bikes can be made more aerodynamically efficient. The project was inspired in part by the desires of the Garmin/Slipstream Pro Cycling Team.

Designed with a UCI-legal down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays, forkblades and a wheelwell-conforming seat tube, we adopted the shielded internal cable routing found in our successful DA to maximize the bike’s aerodynamic advantage. Against its true adversary—the wind—the AR’s advantage is unmistakable. In the spring of 2008, San Diego Wind Tunnel testing with the AR proved that, depending on speed and the wind conditions, a rider can reasonably expect to save 58-75 seconds per hour of riding vs. identical conditions on a round tube bike. And to date, it is the fastest aero road bike tested. Imagine it: 3 hours = 3 minutes saved. Depending on the perspective, it’s either free time or less effort—either way it is a tremendous benefit.

The AR is the bike Garmin/Slipstream uses any time its riders put a nose in the wind. It’s the perfect bike for sticking a breakaway, or for bringing one back. Having just received their bikes a few weeks earlier, the team rode the AR to success in Stage 3 at this year’s Tour de France when Will Frischkorn spent the entire day in a breakaway, ultimately taking second on the stage. A 5+ hour stage with just four men meant at least 1.5 hours at the front. It was the perfect setting for the advantage the AR provides.

The AR maintains the handling characteristics of Felt’s premium road bikes, while maintaining the stiffness and ride quality for which Felt is known. Due to its incredible combination of aerodynamic tube shapes, low weight and the sprint-worthy stiffness of the bottom bracket, designing the AR was a monumental challenge and could only have been accomplished in carbon fiber.

We’ve outfitted each of the AR's with a complement of truly race-ready parts. From aerodynamic wheels to gearing biased to racing speed, the AR-series bikes are designed and built to deliver you to your fastest performances ever.