VIDEO!! DA Development Overview
Danny Pate on his DA at the Criterium International

Felt builds its bikes from design and testing engineering data, up.  Not the other way around.  Some companies - most, in fact - build their bikes then take them to the wind tunnel to see how they fare.  Not Felt.

We ID our desired result first, including dozens of hours in the wind tunnel with clay models, raw prototypes and yes, even other peoples bikes.  Then, when all the data is in, begin the prototyping process.  Then back to the tunnel, more work if necessary, followed by the final move towards manufacturing.  Would seem to make sense, right?


Listen to Felt company namesake Jim Felt and design engineer Tim Lane as they explain the development of the Felt DA, the world's fasteset TT bike as measured in the wind tunnel in San Diego, CA.


Take a look below...